PSSSSSSST...YOU CAN. And I'm going to show you how. So keep reading, because what you learn on this page might be the most impactful body changing strategy you'll ever come across... ...and it has almost nothing to do with your body.


  • You feel uncomfortable in your body
  • You think your body is gross and get wrapped up in negative self talk
  • You don't want to wear certain clothes or even have sex because you feel like your body isn't worthy of being seen
  • Whenever you start a program, you "mess up" on the weekends
  • You spend all your time at the gym on a cardio machine because walking into the weight room is intimidating AF 
  • You've jumped from one diet to another and still can’t find something that you can stick to  
  • You see instagram chicks telling you to just "love yourself" but no one is teaching you how to do it and it's PISSING YOU OFF

How did I know? Well, because this was me.

Hi! :)

My name is Devon Day Moretti (but some people call me Devi). I'm a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and body positive advocate.  

...oh, I also really, really like Reese's Cups and red wine. 

And guess what else? You and I have a lot in common, because once upon a time, I was in similar shoes as you. 

I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in your body and to constantly find yourself starting over on your fitness journey because I lived it.

It got to the point where I eventually felt like something was wrong with me because I couldn't "get my shit together" or so I thought... 


After months—years, really—of struggling with my diet, trying every exercise routine on the planet, and using negative self-talk as my primary form of motivation, I came to a realization.  

There was nothing wrong with me...but there was something wrong with the approach I was following. 

Now, let me just say this: as a coach with years of experience, I'll tell you straight out that there's no single "right way" to approach fitness or change your body...  

...but there are A LOT of wrong ways. And I was using most of them. It took me a long time to see it, but most fitness and nutrition programs are NOT about long-term lifestyle changes. They're about radical alterations for short term gain.  

You know the ones I mean, right? These are the programs promising quick results, and marketed as THE solution. We buy in because we WANT to believe. And we follow these insane plans because they're so hard to follow—and if it's HARD, it must be working, right?  

I'm talking about the juice fasts. The crash diets. The marathon gym sessions. Plans like that aren't healthy. And they certainly aren't designed for sustainable results.  

  Trust me, I remember reading about them and hoping they'd work, wanting so badly to find that one thing that would make all the difference. 

But, eventually, I realized something. Something BIG.

All of these crazy plans may be different from one another, but at the core, they all have ONE thing in common: they're sold to us by targeting our insecurities and making us feel badly.  

We're constantly bombarded with this notion that being smaller, weighing less, or getting rid of our cellulite is the key to happiness, confidence, and a perfect life.  

We're told these things are tied directly to our worthiness.  

But they're not. So it’s no wonder that every time we fall off or gain the weight back we are left feeling alone and unworthy.  

Once I realized that, I did a deep dive into all aspects of healing and changing my body. Sure, I learned the most effective ways to train and eat to help me get stronger and feel better physically.  

But I also explored all the facets of mindset that had held me back; the limiting beliefs that my value as a person had something to do with my body and the way it looked.  

And here's the crazy part...

Once I unlocked the mindset piece of it, and really began to love myself just as I was...changing my body became easier than ever.  

And I want to help you experience that experience.  

That same ease.  

That same change.  

That same love—for your body, yourself, and your life.  

It is my absolute mission in life to help as many women get out of this cycle as possible. To free themselves, just like I did, and show them another way; to give them the option to be happy now.

That's why I started my coaching program. And it's why I want to work with women like me, women like YOU—to help you realize that changing your body can be easy; it just doesn't need to be the center of your life.

Because girlfriend, you're already enough. 

Not when you lose a few pounds.  

Not if you can just get rid of your cellulite.  

Not once you fit into your old pair of jeans.  

Not once you get "just a little leaner."  

Not later.  

But as you are, right now. Not when something else happens.  

Your worth...your happiness...your value is NOT contingent on changing a single aspect of who you are or how you look. 

You're are enough—right now.  

But, like I did, you just need a little help REALLY understanding that.  

So let’s unravel all the bullshit.

It’s time to live a forever healthy lifestyle and most importantly love yourself, the real way. 

I'm going to give you a powerful strategy and the tools to create a healthy mindset that’s not only helped me but hundreds of other women just like you.

"I've lost 15 lbs so far"

"Devon's program is sustainable"



A coaching program designed to help you feel empowered and confident in your skin.  


Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to workout 5-6 days a week for hours at a time.  

This program is going to meet you where you're at and will accommodate to your lifestyle without being an added stressor.  

You won’t find yourself walking around the gym feeling clueless. You'll have an exact plan and video demonstrations of the exercises so you can walk into the gym with confidence knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.


I'm going to work with you one on one to show you how to leave dieting behind and still be able to lose weight.  

You will know how to fuel your body properly and not feel restricted doing so.


You are going to go through an entire course that teaches you how to feel confident in your skin during this entire process.  

This course gives you the tools to leave behind negative self talk and comparison. You will be able to accept your “flaws” and “imperfections” for what they are without letting it define you.  

It’s time to feel confident in your skin, once and for all.

"Before the program I dreaded and often refused to take pictures due to my lack of confidence. But thanks to Devon, her support, and her program - I have fallen in love with myself and decided to do a shoot where I was the focus. Something I love about Devon and her program is that she teaches you how to love yourself and feel confident even before you get to your goal weight. A program on teaching you how to love yourself is great but what sets Devon's apart is her passion and dedication in seeing that your confidence builds and your self worth increases, as it should." 

Bridgette Crespo  

“Devon this all sounds great, but how do I know I won't fail this time?”

Well babe, the reason my program is so successful is because you won’t be doing this on your own. We're in this together. 

Yup, that’s right. 

You and me.

You'll have me guiding you through this entire process. I am going to hold you accountable, encourage you, and provide you with nothing but love. 

I’ve got you.

"Devon is absolutely amazing to work with. Despite the fact that she couldn't physically be with me to keep me on track, her presence was never far. Believe it or not, her virtual presence is just as effective as paying double for a trainer to have in person. Her program has really taught me how to love myself more and how to embrace a lifelong healthy lifestyle. I've lost twelve pounds with my first 4 weeks of working with Devon and continue to lose with the tools that she has provided me with. She's an absolute sweetheart and one of your best supporters."

Shawna Smith


"Working with Devon has been the best investment of my life. I lost weight, but gained confidence, self love, strength, and a friend. If you decide to work with Devon, which you should, you'll never be alone. She will be with you every step of the way."  

Taylor Mitts  


"I've gained confidence, self love, and a friend"

"I've learned to love and appreciate myself no matter what size I am" 


  • Walk into the gym feeling empowered 
  • Brunch on the weekends or go to happy hour with your friends without compromising progress 
  • Have sex with the lights on because you’re not ashamed of your body
  • Love your body BEFORE you even begin changing your body 
  • Finally feel like you're good enough


So, what are you waiting for? 



I do not write meal plans because they set people up to fail. What happens the minute you don’t adhere to what’s on the plan? You get stressed out, skip meals, prioritize the wrong things, and all that. For a lot of people (like me), meal plans can trigger a binge, create an unhealthy obsession with food, or some other spiral.

All of that is terrible.

And I don’t want that for you, so I’m going to teach you something even better. There won’t be any rigid rules involved, no crazy restrictions, and you can still enjoy your favorite foods while reaching your goals.

Cool? Cool.


There are a few different packages available, and after you apply we'll figure out which is right during our consultation chat. But, no matter which option we go with, working together is going to cost less than you'd spend to work with a personal trainer at the local gym.  


This is the coaching part of the coaching program :)  

Put as simply as possible, I'm with you every step of the way. I'm always there to give you the goods, whether you need information, motivation, or inspiration. And especially to give you the accountability to help you stick with things and make progress, AND the guidance you'll need to make the right choices in the moment.  

Not sure what to order at a restaurant? Text me. Can't get the form right on an exercise? Shoot a quick video on send it over, I'll assess you on the spot. Need a daily dose of fitness flavor to get you excited for the gym? Cool, I've got a ton of Instagram inspiration for you. Going to a wedding in a few weeks and want to look ultra sexy in that new dress? No problem, I've got you, we can make some tweaks to your program.  

My point is this: whether you need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to you, or someone to help you celebrate your wins (and you're going to have a lot of wins), I'll be right there to support you. And to give you some tough love when you need it.  

A good fitness program is all well and good, but the thing that makes my clients SO successful is the interaction with me and the entire EmpowerHer community on social media. That's the difference maker.

"She never shows an ounce of judgement"

"Devon is always there for you and never judges you" 


"Deciding to work with Devon was one of the best investments I have ever made for not only my physical health but my mental health as well. So far, I'm down a little over 50 pounds, I've gained a lot of knowledge about lifting, my body, nutrition and the gym in general. With Devon's help I've accomplished so much."  

Sydney Boucher  

"Training with Devon became my key to success, confidence, and most of all, self love. She opened a door to a new life style that transformed me from the inside out. Although we live half way across the country from one another I never felt alone. She was ALWAYS there when I needed her and even when I didn't think I did. She gave me the tools to empower myself and to implement the changes I needed in my life"

Ashely Ongalibang